Restore Mac Drive

  • One of the best tool specially designed and customized for data recovery on Mac
  • Effective tool for data recovery on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion machines
  • Recover data without affecting the source files using read only mechanism
  • Restore data from non-bootable Mac OS X hard drive partitions

Have you lost access to your files on Mac drive?

Mac is a series of PCs designed and developed by Apple company. It is a vivacious experience to work on Mac computer with Mac OS. There are lots of features of Mac which is just incomparable with other computers. Mac operating systems are better than other operating systems and these are quickly bootable. Unlike other hard drives, Mac drives can also be divided into volumes. These volumes are also known as logical drives.

Mac Drive Recovery

How reliable may be the computer, there will always be some or the other catastrophe. You may lose your data from your hard drive for a lot of reasons. Are you undergoing such kind of situations and worried how to recover Mac drive? Then to overcome from this issue you will need a good recovery tool to recover mac hard disk data. Mac drive recovery software is one of the reliable tool to restore Mac drive files.

Common data loss scenarios from Mac drive:

Emptying the trash: Your deleted files and folders will get stored in the trash. If you have deleted any important data, you can restore the particular files from the trash. You may empty the trash by mistake instead of restoring the files from trash. The trash on Mac can be emptied by using commands like Shift + Command + Delete, though the Mac finder or by directly clicking on Empty Trash option. Therefore, you must be attentive while clicking and operating. One wrong move and you will end up in losing your important Mac data. You may regret after commiting the mistake, but it is of no use. However, you can recover the lost data using Mac drive recovery software in such scenarios. It is easily restore Mac drive data with this proficient recovery tool.

Formatting memory card: Memory cards are the storage devices for your files. You can carry your data in it and transfer those onto other systems. When you try to open your memory card on your Mac drive, it might refuse to open and you may get a message that you must format the card before. You must format it at such cases. You may also format it intentionally to install the different file system in it or for any other reason. All your files on your memory can be recovered using Mac drive recovery software.

Catalog file corruption: Catalog file on your Mac drive may get corrupted for unfavorable conditions like power surge, virus attack and so on. Once it gets corrupted, some of your files may go unrecognized by the OS. In such situation, you must format the drive and hence you will lose all your data in it. If any important files are there on the drive then you must restore hard drive Mac, using a Mac drive recovery software. This tool is the most secure and safe option to restore Mac drive data.

Changing file system: If you want to change your file system then you should format the drive before you do it. If you do not take the backup of the files before formatting then you will lose your data on Mac drive. You can recover your files back using a Mac drive recovery software. Sometimes, the file system of your Mac drive may become RAW due to sudden power failure or corruption. In such scenario, you will have to format the entire drive to get back your access. However, you will be losing your entire drive data, if you do not have proper data backup. Only Mac drive recovery software can save you in such case and recover mac hard disk data effectively. This tool is the perfect answer for the question how to recover Mac drive data in less time.

Features of Mac drive recovery software:

  • Not only the software helps you recover deleted files but also to recover missing files Mac.
  • Recover files from formatted / re-formatted HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes on Mac OS X.
  • With its universal binary application, it can support both Intel and PowerPC platforms of Mac.
  • MOV file recovery Mac is also possible by the software from any storage drive compatible with Mac OS X. For more info refer this site
  • Recover files from hard drives, USB drives, iPods, FireWire drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc. storage devices and drives

Recent Updates:

Retrieve Data from Flash Drive on Mac: If you have lost or deleted very important data from your computer then do not worry, by making use of Mac Drive Recovery tool you can easily retrieve data from flash drive on Mac with ease. For more information visit this link:

By making use of this software, it is very much easy to recover files from a 3tb drive on Mac operating system based computer. Visit this link http: to know more.

Steps to recover Mac drive files:

Step 1: Download and install Mac drive recovery software on your Mac PC. Select Recover Volumes / Drives on the main page.

Mac Drive Recovery - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: Select Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery from the next window to recover data lost from formatted/reformatted drive.

Mac Drive Recovery - Select Formatted  / Re-formatted Recovery

Figure 2: Select Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery

Step-3: Now select the logical drive from which you need to recover your lost Mac data and click on "Next" button. The software scans the drive to list out the lost files and folders. You can preview those files and save them on your Mac.

Mac Drive Recovery - Retrieved Files

Figure 3: Retrieved Files

Useful tips:

  • Keep backing up your files regularly and frequently.
  • Keep formatting your drive on a regular basis, to avoid hard drive crashes due to bad sectors.
  • Handle the external device drives properly to avoid data loss from it.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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